"I started doing lessons with Vinny when I was in 8th grade and continued with him for 4 years through my entire high school career. He built me into an elite hitter, providing me with the necessary knowledge to improve my swing. He taught me so well to the point where I learned to make corrections on my own. He molded me into a division one hitter. Being my only hitting coach for all of high school, I owe all my gratitude to him for teaching me all I know about hitting. His expertise and knowledge of the game is second to none. I have enjoyed every moment of training with him."

-Nick L. 


"My son has been working with Vinny Galya for over 1 1/2 years. He does one-on-one and group hitting sessions, and is being coachedby Vinny on his 14 U travel team. In this time, his hitting has improved dramatically, as has his confidence and maturity as a player.  Vinny is a dynamic hands-on teacher, and his mechanics and skills development instruction is preparing my son for the next level of play. He is also a positive role model that the kids really relate to, motivating them to be the best player they can be."

-Donna W.


"Vinny is the reason why I have grown as a player, both physically and mentally. He has given me the confidence I need to succeed in the sport I love. Vinny is very approachable, and sets clear expectations for his players. He is someone I look up to, and hope to be like one day."

-Zach R.

Vinny has given our son a renewed faith in himself, and has given him the opportunity to make progress and succeed in the sport he loves. He is extremely knowledgeable. Vinny stresses the importance of playing as a team, but also focuses on developing individual skills. He has high expectations, but fully commits himself to helping his players reach their goals. He is extremely talented, organized, approachable, communicates effectively with players and parents, and creates a positive and motivating environment. He serves as a positive role model and there is a constant feeling of mutual respect between coach and players. Anyone who works with him would have to agree, he's the best of the best!

-Nicole R

My son Ryan has been taking lessons from Vinny for the past three years. We were referred to him from a family friend. Vinny has helped Ryan with batting, pitching and understanding the game. I've seen a tremendous amount of growth in my son thanks to Vinny. He has a great balance or professionalism and still knows when to have fun. My son looks forward to going to his weekly lessons with Vinny.

-Melinda B


"My boys have been around many hitting instructors and coaches over their 10+ years playing organized baseball. We have found coach Vin to be superior to all for many different reasons. First of all he has played at a high level in his own career and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge about the game. This knowledge is not limited to just hitting mechanics (which we do private lessons for) but mental approach and preparation on and off the field. Also he can easily adjust his style and the way he interacts with the players based upon their respective ages. He has a very calm demeanor but is firm with his instruction.  What is most impressive is how he has such a strong desire to make them better! He will repeat technique over and over because he wants to see them succeed.

Most of all he has been a great role model to both of my teenage boys!"

-Adam M.



Brendan has been taking lessons with Vinny since he was 7 years old.  And in a few shorts years, Brendan has developed exponentially.  Improving his fielding, hitting and pitching.  Thanks to Vinny's expertise, he made the 9/10 All-Star team this year as a 9 year old and was the starting 2B for the team.  I have watched Vinny build Brendan's confidence and skill up weekly.  To quote Brendan, "I can still go to Vinny until I go away to college right?".  My reply was, "And he can go with you to college too if he wants!"  :)  Obviously, the bond between the two of them is amazingly close.  Brendan looks up to Vinny and respects him.  I can't think of a better person to hone his skills.  

-Conrad L.