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Our mission is to be a force for good by empowering the youth of today and tomorrow, teaching them the life-long benefits of staying fit, eating right, and living a healthy lifestyle.

GALYA is a rapidly growing New Jersey based company that specializes in Baseball Training / Coaching, Athletic Development, Group Fitness Instruction, and Nutritional Lifestyle Consulting. 

We also have our own brand of apparel along with team shops for your needs and wants.



Our baseball programs are geared towards propelling the athlete well beyond their years. Through private, group, and team instruction we will advance each athlete's strengths and develop their weaknesses into strengths! 




We couldn’t be more honored to host some of the most interesting and innovative breakthroughs that our clients have on a daily basis. Below are just some of the small goals we have achieved through empowering kids in New Jersey.  See the full list here.


"I started doing lessons with Vinny when I was in 8th grade and continued with him for 4 years through my entire high school career. He built me into an elite hitter, providing me with the necessary knowledge to improve my swing. He taught me so well to the point where I learned to make corrections on my own. He molded me into a division one hitter. Being my only hitting coach for all of high school, I owe all my gratitude to him for teaching me all I know about hitting. His expertise and knowledge of the game is second to none. I have enjoyed every moment of training with him."
-Nick L.

"Vinny is the reason why I have grown as a player, both physically and mentally. He has given me the confidence I need to succeed in the sport I love. Vinny is very approachable, and sets clear expectations for his players. He is someone I look up to, and hope to be like one day."

-Zach R.





We are currently training out of several facilities in central New Jersey. Feel free to contact us to see if your area is eligible for training. Slots will fill up fast, but we’re working on expanding in 2018 to help our growing community of healthy, empowered children.