Each program is based on the individuals needs, wants and our recommendations through evaluation. Each athlete will be challenged to take steps towards being able to operate physically and mentally at a higher level. 

With private, small group training and team training, athletes will be launched into an educational environment that will allow them to become a coach for themselves.   




Fundamental points: stance, plate coverage, balance, power, stride, contact point on all pitches, barrel angle, extension, finish 

Strategical Points: strike zone, understanding the count, pitcher’s counts, hitter’s counts, how to prepare for a pitcher, preventing visual flaws to the pitcher, situational hitting, bunting 



Fundamental Points: position, motion, wind-up, stretch, balance, arm slot, push, rotation, power, stride

Strategical Points: Adding pitches to your arsenal, “feel”, analyzing your batter, how to pick up flaws, what flaws mean, how to set-up the batter, understanding the count, pitcher’s count, hitter’s count, knowing the situation, pick-off moves, keeping runner’s close, slide-step



Fundamental Points: Stance, ready step, glove positioning, arm angle, crow-hop, footwork 

Strategical Points: importance of the cutoff man, positioning, understanding the situation, understanding angles



Fundamental Points: Stance, ready step, glove positioning, arm angle, footwork 

Strategical Points: positioning, understanding the situation, bunt defense, double plays, flips, pickoffs, communication with pitcher 



Fundamental Points: stance, framework, blocking, arm slot, footwork

Strategical Points: calling pitches, communicating with your pitching staff, understanding batters, first and third situations, importance of framing, how to get more strike calls